Please use the appropriate table for your wiki entry. This will help standardise item lists and provide crucial information at a glance.

Please ensure that your facts are correct to the best of your ability.

You are free to provide comments at the bottom of the page if you have some interesting trivia or background information about the item. However, please refrain from biased comments or advertisements. (Consider the guidelines for submissions in wikipedia as your guide in terms of accuracy, ethics and conduct)

If you do not heed the guidelines above, you may be asked to revise your submission or it may be rejected altogether. All headers marked with an * represent minimum information needed for a submission. If your submission does not contain that information, it will be rejected.

This is also not a forum for criticism of quality or design - or any negative comments about a product, person or place. It is merely a listing of gacha related products or services to guide gacha fans in their gacha adventures. Submissions that attempt to bash a product, place or person will be rejected.

Format for Item SubmissionEdit

Format for Item Submission
*Item name Exact name of item inworld
*Creator name Please supply the brand not the avatar name (for e.g: Trompe Loeil rather than Cory Edo) This is because there are sometimes more than one creator in a brand.
*Machine Price Original price of the item
*Rarity Common, Rare or Super-Rare
Gacha event or shop Name of exclusive gacha event it was part of (and year) or shop SLURL
Availability Retired or still available

Optional Extras:Edit

Item Trivia 

Some items have an interesting history. Feel free to share if you wish but make sure again that your information is accurate and doesn't betray confidentiality

Format for Place SubmissionEdit

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